Symptoms treated:

Sarah can help you to resolve and overcome:

Weight issues:

overeating, binge eating, losing weight, yoyo dieting, comfort eating, eating disorders, emotional eating, obesity, bulimia, purging.

Fears and phobias:

emetophobia, (a fear of being sick), fear of enclosed spaces, fear of lifts, fear of writing in front of someone, fear of blushing, social phobia, fear of public speaking, fears and phobias, fear of flying, fear of heights, fear of trains, fear of spiders,  fear of interviews, fear of eating in front of others, shy bladder (unable to pee in front of others), toilet phobia, fear of failure.

Sexual and relationship problems:

relationship issues, fear of intimacy, vaginismus, fear of penetration, low libido, sexual inhibitions, frigidity,  orgasmic dysfunction, sexual obsessions, porn addiction, fetishes, compulsive sexual behaviour, premature ejaculation, (P.E), erectile dysfunction, E.D, locker room syndrome, small penis syndrome, sexual abuse, neglect, rape, unresolved trama, childhood issues.

Confidence issues:

low self esteem, feeling worthless, not feeling good enough, bullying, perfectionist thinking, self harming, fear of failure.

Stress and anxieties:

Stress, feeling anxious,  GAD, feeling on edge, panic disorder, panic attacks, feelings of depression, I.B.S. negative thoughts and emotions, driving test nerves, driving lesson nerves, difficulty sleeping, persistent tiredness, insomnia.

Obsessions and compulsions:

 addictions, alcohol abuse, substance abuse, cocaine abuse, OCD,  compulsive behaviours, compulsive lying, rituals and obsessions.

Stop smoking with hypnotherapy in one session.

Sarah uses a powerful combination of hypnotherapy and positive mindset psychotherapy to help you quit smoking:

An incredible one off session using the Rob Kelly method which has a proven 92.5% success rate. This smoking cessation is highly effective and usually takes approx. 90 minutes to become a non smoker.