Hypnotherapy and psychotherapy at The Oxford Street Therapy Centre:

Hypnotherapy, hypnosis and evidence based psychotherapy at The Oxford Street Therapy Centre in Wellingborough, Northampton Northamptonshire.

Virtual gastric Hypno-Band

Psychotherapy - cognitive training programme

Clinical hypnotherapy


Symptoms treated:

Stop smoking

Eating disorders

Sex addiction

Relationship problems

Phobias and fears


Social phobia

Emetophobia (Fear of being sick)

Weight issues

Weight loss

Obsessions and compulsions

Sexual problems


Premature ejaculation (PE)


Erectile dysfunction (ED)

Shy bladder (Paruresis)

Panic attacks and anxiety

General Anxiety disorder (GAD)

Free initial screening  consultation





Sarah is a licensed Hypno-band Practitioner.

Sarah is an experienced evidence based psychotherapist and clinical and analytical hypnotherapist, Sarah has a diploma in hypnotherapy and evidence based cognitive psychotherapy and is a registered member of the I.A.E.B.P.(
The International Association of Evidence Based Psychotherapists)

International Association for Evidence Based Psychotherapy
All members of the I.A.E.B.P.  are required to keep their knowledge up to date and attend regular training.  Sarah is committed to continual professional development (CPD) and attends regular seminars and workshops.

Stop Smoking easily with hypnotherapy and cognitive therapy:

Stop Smoking easily in one session! An incredible one session method which has proved to have a 92.5% success rate. This smoking cessation is highly effective and usually takes approx 90 mins to become a non smoker. Cost 175 paid in cash only.


Booking a free screening consultation is easy -  leave a confidential message on my answer phone, email or text me and I will get back to you as soon as I can - usually the same day...

email: sarahcayton@gmail.com

  07764 816487

Areas covered include:

Hypnotherapy and psychotherapy covering Northampton, Northamptonshire, Wellingborough, Kettering, Milton Keynes, Bedford, Leicester, Leicestershire.