Sarah offers a free screening consultation before starting any therapy or treatment:

This is a free initial screening consultation to come in and have a confidential chat about your problem in a little more detail. This consultation is free and without obligation. The initial consultation takes approx 20-30 minutes.

Sarah can help you to resolve and overcome: emotional eating patterns, losing weight, eating disorders, obesity, weight loss, Low self esteem, low self confidence, blushing, bulimia, emetophobia, fear of being sick, exam nerves, driving nerves, public speaking, fear of flying, phobias, fears, feelings of depression, sex addiction, fetishes, addictions, obsessions, panic attacks, stress, anxiety, IBS, insomia, shy bladder, relationship issues and problems, vaginismus, fear of penetration, low libido, premature ejaculation, PE, and sexual problems.

Stop smoking with hypnotherapy in one session.

Sarah uses a powerful combination of hypnotherapy and positive mindset psychotherapy to help you quit smoking:

An incredible one off session using the Rob Kelly method which has a proven  92.5% success rate. This smoking cessation is highly effective and usually takes approx. 90 minutes to become a non smoker.

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Richard originally came to see me to overcome a nervous twitch but in working with me he made some huge improvements in his life too. Here’s Richard’s feedback: I visited Sarah on the recommendation of a work colleague to help me to overcome a nervous twitch. Her friend had visited her to overcome an eating disorder. This had seemed to get worse as I was taking on more and more public speaking duties in my work and the fact that these were being recorded and played on large screens only seemed to exacerbate the problem and make it more noticeable. When I first went to Sarah, she recommended I follow a psychology program. I must admit, I was a little unsure about this as to me after reading the first two chapters, a lot of this seemed common sense but to be honest, as the sessions went on, I realised that was the whole point. The power to control your own well-being is by and large internal and how you react to outside influences and situations are in your own power. You just need to learn how to deal with situations as they arise. By the third week, my twitch had stopped but I continued on the course and by the end of it, I had a huge improvement in my life. I had never been happy flying but the program helped me with that and also I have had a big increase in my self-confidence. It is difficult to put into words but I just feel better and much calmer in myself. I would have no hesitation in recommending Sarah to anyone. Thanks for all your help Sarah


Here’s Jon’s testimonial: I first contacted Sarah through a recommendation, I had tried talking to doctors over the years and had been prescribed various antidepressants etc. Nothing made any difference. My symptoms, For the last seventeen years I have suffered some kind of stress,mainly effecting my stomach.I called them "my butterflies ",like you might get when you're excited about an upcoming event or something like making a speech. But in my case I would wake up with them for what I thought was no reason at all. As the day ( days,weeks,months)went on, doing normal things like working, going out, anything really would be harder than it should be, it would be hard to concentrate, i would give up on difficult jobs because of the way I felt. When it came to an event of some kind such as going out for a meal with friends my butterflies would get so bad I would invariably cancel at the last minute just to feel a bit better. So I contacted Sarah thinking there is nothing to lose. Straight off I found her very easy to talk to, and it was only after two meetings that she had convinced me that there was nothing medically wrong with me, it was just my way of thinking. Now of course I didn't think there was anything wrong with my way of thinking,in fact I am quite a positive person, but she made me realise that just by "tweaking "my thoughts I could actually control my anxieties (butterflies). We worked through the Thrive book which I actually found quite fascinating and definitely learned a lot about me and my thoughts, after a few meetings I found that I could control my feelings and by the end, it came naturally.I haven't seen Sarah now for a month, and my butterflies.....what butterflies! All I can say to anyone who has any reservations about talking to a stranger about their problems,Don't worry at all, it was the easiest thing I ever did. And to Sarah. A very very big thank you.

Jon had suffered with stress and anxiety for 17 years

My son John who is 17 yrs old had been very poorly with a virus that attacked his nervous system he then become a very nervous & unconfident teenager in which he would suffer urticaria every day & he was also left with regular panic attacks which he suffered on his driving lesson & also had 2 driving test which made him press the self destruct button & suffer a meltdown in which caused him to fail 3 driving test. So we decided to put the driving to one side for a while & get some help with johns confidence, That's when we met Sarah After the first visit she decided to put John on the program ..which would help John immensely with his confidence, Sarah would give John task to do in which would always be successful & in which he would always get results. Then after seeing Sarah around 5 times we decided it was time to start driving again ..All the palpitations, sweating, panic attacks & urticaria had disappeared which then allowed John to passed his test & become a very confident, happy & self assured young man. We would like to say a very big thank you & give Sarah a 5 star rating ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️ Kind regards Sasha Birch

John consulted for driving test meltdown, panic attacks, anxiety, low confidence and paranoia.

Barrie consulted for panic attacks and severe anxiety. Here's Barrie's testimonial: After spending 3 weeks in a psychiatric hospital suffering from anxiety and panic attacks, which came out of the blue, I was discharged with not much follow up. However after a few sessions with Sarah I was able to understand what was happening to me. She explained everything in a way that I could understand and told me how to cope with the feelings I was experiencing. I cannot thank her enough. Many thanks for all your help. We are now enjoying life to the full, bought a new car, been to Skegness (hope to go again soon) , volunteering and going out on lots of days out. Once again thank you for all your help.. Barrie Hensen and Carol

Barrie Hensen

Reggie consulted for binge eating, weight loss and childhood issues. Here's Reggie's testimonial: I hope that I can do justice to yourself and how the programme helped me. I would strongly and seriously recommend both yourself and the book. Life is really great, I am really happy, even though it’s raining every bloody day!! I have had a couple of blips on the eating, just the wrong food as we have been away and I relaxed just a little too much, but under control. I initially went to see Sarah to get help with my binge-eating, which I did to punish myself. After the initial chat, she recommended the programme, which I had never heard of up until then. I am so glad she did. Having worked through it with Sarah it changed my life for the better in so many, many ways. For me personally it worked being able to talk to Sarah rather than just buying the book and working through it myself. The programme made ME understand ME. Then I learnt how to deal with my problems. My life got off to a bad start by my father telling me when I was very young that I was a jinx and no good. This carried on all through my life as though it was the norm until now. At 58 I am happy and enjoy life, and see it as it is, good, but with it’s ups and downs like it should be. My glass is half-full, I know what makes me tick and how to deal with my thoughts. I can’t change the past, but it doesn’t matter anymore. I live for the moment and look forward to the future. I am in good health. My weight loss is still ongoing, slow but sure. Being done by life changes instead of diets and fads. I still have things in my life to sort out, but I am equipped to do this, and I know I can. Sarah is an excellent cognitive therapist and the programme I still find unbelievable in what it has helped me to achieve.


Laura consulted for IBS, severe anxiety and panic attacks, worrying about going to the toilet, eating out, anxiety about flying and driving. Here's Laura's testimonial: I would like to say how much you and the programme have really helped me to be able to do the things that were making my life so miserable,thank you so much . I came to see you at a time when my issues were stopping me from doing the things that I thought everyone else just did without over thinking things,I thought my problems were because of my I B S,but I now know through going through the book ( this book is amazing ) that my issues were mostly brought on through my over thinking & trying to control everything I felt was out of my control,I had what i thought were panic attacks if something like not knowing where I was sitting with regards to how far away from the toilet I was,I wouldn't eat anything if I went out with my family "just in case" I needed the toilet,I would even rather cancel my holiday than be sitting a long way from the bathroom on the plane,I would also start to build up my own anxiety about an hour before landing because of not being able to get out of my seat once the seatbelt signs came on,it made travelling on a plane an extremely unpleasant start to my holiday.By going through the Thrive book I learnt so much about how I was creating all of the bad things I was so worried about happening in the first place, it's like a circle of thoughts that keep going around and around ,never letting myself see the positive in things ,so therefore never looking forward to doing things like going out to eat with my family & enjoying being with them instead of wanting to leave as soon as I got to the restaurant " just in case " The programme takes you step by step through how you think and talk to yourself negatively that makes you anxious and on edge & explains how to think positively about these things instead and helps you to enjoy life & not be trying to control Everthing you do . My life has changed drastically for the good,take last night for example,me & my husband went out last night with my son & his fiancé for a tasting for their wedding meal,it was at a hotel about 20 minutes away with a three course meal,before Thrive I would have been starting to get anxious about a week before,on the day of the meal I would be seriously trying to talk myself into a good enough reason not to go,by the time we left the house I would be hot and bothered,my stomach would be killing me & I would have gone quiet,just wanting this ordeal over( that's how I saw it, as an ordeal), not so yesterday ,no build up of anxiety,I was looking forward to the evening,I eaten all of my 3 courses and sat happily chatting till someone else said it was time to go home,I can't quite believe how much happier and lighter I feel now and it's all thanks to Sarah and the Thrive programme for helping me to see what pressure I was always putting on myself. For anyone having thoughts or doubts about asking for help I say go for it you will only get good things back from Sarah. Again Thank you so much Sarah Extremely kind regards Laura


Tracy consulted me because she felt depressed, stressed, anxious and had gained several stones in weight. Here's Tracy's testimonial: It has been a very calming and eye opening few weeks which has already had a hugely positive impact upon my and my families lives. Looking back now I find it hard to believe I wasted so many years without taking action sooner but as we know, eventually I came to see you. In fact today a recommended someone I know to come to you for almost identical 'issues'. It seems such a waste for them to be feeling so bad when they can change that. I hope they called you already! For several years before coming to see you (I guess since 2011) I had slipped into a very anxious and stressed state which some would call depression. This manifested as avoiding social situations, seeing my relationship fall completely away with my disabled parent, putting on a significant amount of weight (several stones) and generally anticipating failure on an ongoing basis. I had no ability to remember, focus or complete any tasks. Headaches were a daily occurrence and the feeling of having a tight band permanently around my head preventing me from thinking was common place. I had stopped reading, listening to music, caring about how I looked, going out socially, stopped paid work and was simply operating in 'survival' mode and had been for quite some time. I guess I had stopped liking myself and this impacted on all around me. The impact that the last 5 weeks have had on my life is incredible. I am happy, almost all of the time and empowered to be in control of my feelings and reactions to life in general. I question my own thoughts BEFORE reacting and correct them if necessary (not often now) and the most important I celebrate the successes (however small) of daily life. Every night I set myself a 'plan' for the next day and enjoy it. I am getting things done with efficiency, loving nature and the 'details' I had missed for so long. Music has again become a lovely part of my day and I am listening to it and singing along often! Books are now a feature on the sofa, in the car and bedside cabinet and they had been missing for so long. Too long. I am initiating social events and making new friends, yes me!! Relationships improve as my 'mood' is lifting those around me and I have started to re-build with my parent although on a very different footing as my life is important and I intend to live it to the full. My child is relaxing more and I am using my empowerment to help further build confidence in other adults around me. The bonus, I have lost over 6 kg's already just through making good choices and questing what I eat and feel so much better for it. I smile, a lot then smile again because I did it in the first place! Lovely. I would say don't just survive, take control, live every moment and enjoy. You are the only person who can do it, rise to the challenge and get back on track. Sarah, thank you. I had never contemplated any kind of therapy before but it was the best decision I have made for a very long time


Emma consulted for low self esteem, hating her body and weight loss. Here's Emma's testimonial: I first met Sarah when I came looking for someone to help me lose weight as I thought that was my last things to do having spent years with various psychologists and coaches working out my mind! But my body never seemed to follow. I was ashamed and embarrassed about my body even in front of my husband of 16 years! I used to curse myself and be extremely aggressive towards my body. On our first meeting Sarah introduced me to the concept that it was my belief that needed to change and that the program could show me how. I started the program and found that non of the information was new but the fact that I have never applied it to myself shocked me. Sarah gave me the manual and I started making notes, in pencil so I could rub them out later and pass the book into someone else to help them. Sarah pointed out that this was kind however I was not even valuing myself again the £20 that the book cost! This was a shock to me, how little I actually valued myself. From then on I highlighted, underlined and generally made this book mine and no one else could use it. This was a turning point started to give me the strength I needed to find within. From there everything else made sense. I changed my life with the help of Sarah. I will never look back and will always be greatful. I lost weight and love my body but it was more than that. I gained true self esteem that radiated from my core. I have never been happier, healthier and really enjoying life.


Elizabeth consulted me to stop smoking. Here's her testimonial: You hypnotised me on the 21st Sept. I have been reluctant to txt as part of me (at times) still wants to smoke. And I didn’t want to say that I was a non smoker until I was sure. So you will be glad to know that I haven’t touched a cigarette or an E cigarette since our session. Thank you very much! The work that you do is truly remarkable. I wish I could attend sessions with you to overcome my fear of public speaking. I have recommended you to friends. I don’t know what you did but it was magic. Thanks again, Elizabeth


Here's Sandra's testimonial: I am happy to give feedback as I have really made phenomenal changes! I definitely have better thinking habits and am much more easily able to cope with even the most stressful situations - which I have had lately. I have changed my work situation and am currently taking steps to move to a nicer area! Thank you for your support and I would definitely recommend you! LOC was 4 when I checked yesterday!!The reason I always gave up was down to negative thinking habits and self-blame.. I now have a different life. I do not need to ruminate, I just decide something and get on with it with small, decisive steps! I am eating with more awareness and less guilt tripping! I am having hardly any angry outbursts and have a calmer family life! Thank you so much Sarah


Ella consulted for driving test anxiety. Here is Ella's testimonial: I decided to go to Sarah for Hypnotherapy as I suffered with nerves leading up to driving lessons and my driving test. I would cancel lessons at the last minute because I couldn’t deal with them and was convinced that I would crash or cause an accident. I failed two driving tests last year mainly due to my nerves, and when I booked my third test, I thought that Hypnotherapy might be able to help me this time. I had two sessions; one to help with the driving lessons and then another one two days before my driving test. I felt relaxed and calm during my lessons, and the techniques Sarah taught me, helped me deal with my anxiety. They really helped focus my mind, and put things into perspective for me, making me realise that my fears were unfounded. I was really pleased when I passed my driving test! I definitely think that the Hypnotherapy helped, and cannot thank Sarah enough. I would recommend Sarah to anyone who had the same problem as me, don’t leave it too late because it works!


Sally consulted me for a fear of flying. Here's Sally's testimonial: I visited Sarah to receive help for a fear of flying, a fear which developed after experiencing severe turbulence on a flight to Singapore in January 2012. Before this incident I used to love flying and the aim of the sessions was to put me back into the same position before the Singapore flight in 2012. Fortunately for me as I enjoy travelling, I was still able to fly and to get on a plane, however, weeks before I was due on a flight I would feel nervous and would have irrational thoughts about the journey. When on the plane no-one would be able to tell from my face but inside I was having a massive panic. I actually visited the doctor but was not given anything to help. I would then resort to taking (legal) drugs from friends so not prescribed for me but those didn’t help either. This fear then began to make me anxious surrounding other things in my life and that is when I knew I needed to get some kind of help before it developed even further. I found the sessions with Sarah absolutely life changing, talking the fear and the irrational thoughts through really helped and so did the Thrive book. I still have a read of the book from time to time just to reinforce the positive thinking. I no longer feel as though I am panicking when I am on a plane and I have just come back from Australia. The flight was fine and I felt how I used to before. Also I have found I have more of a positive outlook on life generally. I would and have recommended this sort of therapy to friends, taking drugs is ok for short term relief but they just numb this situation. Talking things through and understanding the whys and wherefores’ was so beneficial. I felt comfortable in the surroundings and wasn’t made to feel silly talking about my fear. if you are reading this and are in two minds to sort out a consultation then I would say do it. It will change things for the better!