The following are some of the testimonials I've received from clients…

Tim came to see me with severe anxiety. He was unable to go to work, had low self esteem and was struggling to engage with anyone. Despite being recommended, Tim was very sceptical about having BWRT therapy.

Here is Tim's video testimonial about having BWRT psychotherapy with me.

Testimonial from Ollie who lost his dog.

I recently lost my dog, who was very close to me. After he passed, I couldn’t collect myself to go to work, I didn’t even want to get out of bed due to the sadness. After one BWRT session that sharp sadness turned into such a controllable emotion, I can now remember my dog for how amazing he was rather than being sad about his death. I felt like all of the tension surrounding his death has been released; and I can finally take a breath and start taking steps forward. Again, this change appeared after one session, which is mind-blowing to me.

Testimonial for a dentist phobia and a fear of gagging:

After having BWRT psychotherapy with me Michael overcame his fear of gagging and he can now go to the dentist and have a covid test.

Michael’s feedback:

I was struggling with a bad gagging reflex which started to impact on me going to the dentist as I did not want to open my mouth very wide and definitely did not want anything going in my mouth,I would apologise before the dentist had even started.

This situation was getting out of hand as I was making excuses not to see a dentist then I sort out help from Sarah Cayton who quickly put my mind at rest and assured me that help was at hand and my problem was not pathetic or stupid and she would help .

I have recently been to the dentist with in all honesty no problem and have realised with Sarah's help that I was creating my own problems with my mind set before they occurred,so if I could say to anyone else out there suffering with similar worries or anxieties seek help there is no need to be embarrassed people like Sarah are there to help you and not to judge you ,I have learned in my time talking and listening to Sarah to try and not listen to negative thoughts as they can quickly take over.I hope these few words can help other people thank you Sarah .

Feedback for social anxiety – a fear of being put on the spot and judged by others.

Ella consulted me for feeling nervous and anxious about carrying out her first surgery as a vet in training. Ella felt anxious about being put on the spot and she felt critically socially judged by more experienced vets.

Today’s surgery went really well, I was very calm and enjoyed the learning experience. James the ‘experienced’ vet who taught me gave me really positive feedback.

Katrina’s feedback for low self esteem, depression and weight issues:

I felt like anxiety was controlling my life and causing me to have low self-esteem, depression and to gain weight through comfort eating. Firstly, I found the sessions helpful as I was able to talk about things I could never talk about anywhere else. This was a great relief to me and it was really useful to have explanations about why I might feel or react in the way that I do to certain situations.

I found the techniques Sarah taught me to change the things I was telling myself really useful as it has enabled me to have a more positive mindset and not feel constantly defeated. The BWRT sessions have lessened the anxiety that I felt around past traumatic events and I now feel more in control and able to cope with those memories.

I am continuing to lose weight and am no longer always thinking about food! This combined with feeling able to join and enjoy a Pilates class has made me feel happier with my body and improved my health.

BWRT Testimonial for anxiety, fear and feeling terrified..

Laura’s feedback after having BWRT with me:

Thank you so much for your help again ,I’m feeling so much better

I first saw Sarah over 3 years ago and she helped me with my anxieties. ,I was doing the things I’d been struggling with for years again ,then about 5 weeks ago I was really ill at the airport and all my fears came flooding back ,I was terrified of going back to how I had been previously feeling so I messaged Sarah & she saw me again ,in my second visit Sarah used BWRT ( I think that’s what it’s called) & I’ve just come back after a lovely weeks holiday with my family and I’m feeling great again ,I’ve tried conjuring up the terrifying feeling I had at the airport & it’s not there anymore, in my experience it has really worked.
I highly recommend Sarah Cayton to anyone who is struggling with there anxiety, it’s not a happy way to live & there is so much benefit from getting the help you deserve to keep yourself happy .
Thank you again Sarah

Testimonial from Jo who consulted me for a fear of public speaking, social anxiety, abandonment and loss.

Jo’s feedback:

When I first came to see Sarah for help, I was fearful of so many things, mainly I suffered from the 'fear of public speaking' or 'social anxiety'; this was the specific reason I came to Sarah. I was debating leaving my highly successful job that I loved and getting a job which I wouldn't have to be 'put on the spot' in situations such as public speaking. I felt I didn't deserve to be happy or love myself and that I was stuck in an endless circle. I wanted a quick fix, some hypnosis, but I soon discovered how working through things could allow you to take control of your own life.

Sarah has enabled me to completely change my life, not temporarily, but permanently. Nothing in my actual lifestyle has changed; it is just how I feel about myself and how I feel about my life that has changed. I feel powerful with every positive thought I have and now believe I am able to do anything I want do in my life. I feel that I deserve to be happy and that my existence is valued. I now believe I am capable of loving people without being obsessed about losing them. Mainly, it has shown me that I am the person who is responsible for every negative thought I have and if a thought isn't useful in making me a happier person then you can 'bin it', just get rid of it.

I will say that having the guidance of Sarah and having her encourage me at every stage was just what I needed to be as successful as I have been. It was lovely to have someone asking me how I was every week and how I was feeling. One of the biggest challenges for me is to process my positives, but Sarah has made me realise the things I have overcome so far and how proud I should feel to have overcome them. I cannot thank her enough.

Thank you Sarah for your guidance and help over the last few months.

I am completely ready to start living.

and am glad that at 19 years of age, I haven't wasted much time.

Smoking testimonial from Matthew:

Matthew was almost 60. He was a 20 a day smoker and he had been smoking all of his life.

Matthew came to see me in May to stop smoking.

Here’s Matthew’s feedback:

All good on the smoking front. I am not missing cigarettes at all! Thanks.

Tomasz consulted me for severe anxiety, panic attacks and intrusive violent thoughts.

I have been thinking for few days how to write my feedback about my therapy and i can't find enough words to THANK YOU for what You did for me. I 've been having intrusive thoughts leading me to anxiety and finally to panic attacks. I thought i am losing my mind and that was pushing me even further in my anxiety .I thought i will lose my family cause something is wrong with me and i was going deeper and deeper in this vicious circle. I have done meditation before and that helped me to stop symptoms for a while but i want to get rid of all this what was going on with me once and for all!!!Thank You Sara ,thank You for helping me achieving my goal and get to the source of all my fears.I could write another thousands and thousands of words about how i felt before i meet Sarah but it does not matter !! The matter is how she hepled me to put my life back on the tracks.

And now a big bombshell BWRT!!!! wooww woow this is how i felt after 2 sessions .Even now after finishing my therapy i am blown away by how big relief it had done with my anxiety and intrusive thoughts. I know it might sounds strange or like magic but it really works!!!1-2 sessions following Sarah's guidance and you can get rid of everything that makes Your life, grey ,full of fear, joyless.

Thank You Sarah!! Thank you from the deep of my healed soul


OCD, depression and feeling suicidal:

Thank you for all the help you have given me through a really dark time. I am happy for you to use my feedback

I was struggling with depression and OCD, I felt suicidal, lost, alone and had a really poor outlook on life. On was on some strong anti-depressants which didn’t seem to be making much of a difference with how I was feeling. Over time I became less active, put on

weight, I stopped going out as much, my OCD became worse & it took forever me to get anything done. I was also constantly tired as I was having trouble sleeping, I rarely laughed or smiled, and I felt completely alone & a burden to everyone. My whole family was worried about me & I was just getting deeper and deeper into the darkness. I had enough of feeling like this, I wanted to be myself again so I consulted Sarah for help.

We went through all of my Problems and how low I was feeling in my own time. I was never rushed into anything and I felt at complete ease talking to Sarah. I was given great advice, I did the homework set for me and it felt like a huge weight had been lifted off my shoulders. It felt great to let all my emotions out and have the support. Of course there were challenges but thats all part of it and I had help every step of the way. I was shown how to change the way I look at life, what was causing my symptoms and how to deal with my problems.

I have now finished my sessions with Sarah and I am proud to say I am a completely different person to what I was to begin with. I am no longer suffering with depression and I am completely off my medication, I have battled my OCD, I am happy and full of life, I can sleep with no problems and I have dealt with the odd curveball life has thrown at me in a positive way and it hasn't stopped me from getting back to being myself again. I have even gone back to the gym and started losing weight, I can leave the house without getting stressed and I just feel full of energy.

Finding a way to fall asleep as been fantastic and Sarah has helped me through it all. Thank you Sarah for all the support you have given me, I am full of life and I feel great!

Thank you for everything!

Colin consulted me for severe social anxiety, self esteem issues, panic, stress and a life not worth living.

Here are Colin’s comments:

I first asked for help as I knew I wasn’t happy, with a very low level of self esteem, and in many ways it felt like I was existing not living, but I didn’t know what happy looked like. I didn’t feel I deserved happiness, my social anxiety was off the scale, and I found I was holding myself back. My first piece of homework from Sarah was to write down every thought I had, which did not make for good reading. We went through them and I taught myself that I was not being kind to myself, and that a lot of my thoughts were mightily unhelpful. I am not entirely sure how I changed my outlook on life, I am sure Sarah had something to do it, but I now wake up with a mindset of what I get to do rather than what I have got to do, which for me is a much better way to see the world. I am confident, I appreciate my good points, I can see in me what others say about me, life is good, and 2019 is going to be an amazing year for me with so many opportunities to get out there and live life to the fullest!

Fiona consulted for bulimia and weight loss

I came into see Sarah because I was interested in doing the hypno band. After i had the consultation she suggested I have psychotherapy as well as help with weight loss. I still had some unresolved issues

with my relationship with food.

My relationship with food was ruling my life and the idea of wanting and needing to be slim. I felt I wasn't worth anything unless I looked a certain way.

Now I am not the same woman as I was when I first went to see Sarah. I now accept myself and can even say I love myself for the person I am now. I still would like to lose weight and I am doing so,however, it is not my main goal. My health and happiness is.

Thanks to Sarah's help i have battled and overcome my problems and people around have noticed the change in me.

Wanda consulted for GAD and OCD:

You have been marvellous and have helped me a lot. So much that I’m feeling stronger everyday and have a drive to help people like me overcome and manage OCD and GAD. I definitely feel that the raising of my self esteem has helped a lot and made me realise that I do possess the coping skills that I need for putting my past trauma in perspective and that I can be the strong, positive and assertive person that I want to be.

Richard consulted for a nervous twitch and confidence issues:

Richard originally came to see me to overcome a nervous twitch but in working with me he made some huge improvements in his life too.

Here’s Richard’s feedback:

I visited Sarah on the recommendation of a work colleague to help me to overcome a nervous twitch. Her friend had visited her to overcome an eating disorder.

This had seemed to get worse as I was taking on more and more public speaking duties in my work and the fact that these were being recorded and played on large screens only seemed to exacerbate the problem and make it more noticeable.

When I first went to Sarah, she recommended I follow a psychology program. I must admit, I was a little unsure about this as to me after reading the first two chapters, a lot of this seemed common sense but to be honest, as the sessions went on, I realised that was the whole point. The power to control your own well-being is by and large internal and how you react to outside influences and situations are in your own power. You just need to learn how to deal with situations as they arise.

By the third week, my twitch had stopped but I continued on the course and by the end of it, I had a huge improvement in my life. I had never been happy flying but the program helped me with that and also I have had a big increase in my self-confidence. It is difficult to put into words but I just feel better and much calmer in myself.

I would have no hesitation in recommending Sarah to anyone.

Thanks for all your help Sarah 

Nathan consulted for depression, severe anxiety and OCD:

We did the BWRT sessions and this made me feel really like a weight had been lifted off my shoulders, I felt so many changes! I am more confident, sociable, less tired- I only sleep at night now, and the occasional evening nap if I’ve had a heavy week! I have no anxiety, I can lock the house up and literally walk away and not think about it again for the rest of the day! (Something I never thought would be even possible!) I don’t have the anxiety behind the OCD to clean, and although I like to keep a tidy house, I can let it slip without being anxious about it! I have started to come off my anti-depressants with my GP, (have halved the dose and will be totally off them in a months time!) which I am still amazed at! And although it has been a difficult time with family bereavement, family illness etc, I am still not anxious, OCDy or depressed and I am getting on with life. I have been to London three times now, Once with my Wife and twice on my own, which I thought would never be possible as the thought would even send me into a spin!

In one sentence, BWRT has really made me feel like a totally new and amazing person, and if you are like I was 3 months ago, I would encourage you to definitely do BWRT as IT WILL change your life, just has it has done mine!


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