Brain Working Recursive Therapy (BWRT®)

BWRT® stands for Brain Working Recursive Therapy®. BWRT® can get results fast!

BWRT® is a new and an immensely powerful form of neuropsychotherapy. BWRT® is evidence-based and it fits comfortably with current thinking in neuroscience.

  • BWRT® allows you to communicate directly with the part of your brain that is ahead of your conscious thinking.
  • BWRT® can change those undesirable anxious responses and create new neural pathways.

Treatment Detail

Your brain is made up of millions of neurons. Your brain is receiving loads of messages every single second. Your brain is looking for stimuli from the environment that is similar to things that you’ve experienced before.

If what you did previously worked, your brain tries to do the same thing again or avoid it. Most of the time this works really well for you.

The problem is if your brain finds something that was a threat in the past and fired up anxiety, panic and fear then your brain will always see similar situations as a danger. As far as your physical brain is concerned if something was a danger once it is still a danger now.

Your brain is really speedy and it will fire up this response again in a similar situation. Hence the instant palpitations, rapid heartbeat and butterflies in your stomach that you can experience if, for example, you have a fear of spiders or heights. BWRT® can re-programme or reroute the way that your brain reacts.

Your brain is really quick and it fires up anxiety before you are consciously aware of it. BWRT® works directly with that reptilian complex. BWRT® works with a part of the brain that ‘fires up’ long before the limbic system even gets started. BWRT® does its work in that ‘cognitive gap’ between an action starting and conscious recognition of that action. In fact, by the time the limbic system is involved, the physical body has already started to react.

A brief introduction to BWRT®, how it started, what it does and how it does it. Click here for the YouTube video by Terence Watts MCGI .

  • BWRT® can re-programme or reroute the way that your brain reacts.
  • BWRT® is unique and really exciting. There is no other therapy like it.