CPI – Cognitive Processing & Integration Therapy

I practice cognitive processing and integration therapy for more deep-seated emotional problems. Unprocessed or unhelpfully processed past experiences or conflicts can affect your beliefs and how you feel about yourself and can lead to symptom formation. CPI is cognitive free association (CFA).

  • CPI can help you to process and integrate these unresolved experiences.

Treatment Detail

CPI can help you to make sense and put these experiences into context so these maladaptive experiences are processed in a helpful way.

  • CPI can enable you to restructure and reintegrate your beliefs and thinking.
  • CPI can help you to recover and resolve your symptoms and move on in your life

Many therapeutic interventions aim to modify or reduce unwanted symptoms and behaviours. The fundamental difference with CPI is that it treats the root cause of the problem. Once the cause of the problem is resolved then the unwanted symptoms and behaviours will be significantly reduced or permanently disappear.

  • Before starting any treatment or therapy I offer an initial screening consultation.
  • I am an advanced member of the International Association for Evidence Based Psychotherapy – IAEBP